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  • WA05 Walk-in Shower Screen

WA05 Walk-in Shower Screen


A truely simple design. Create a shower area of any size as desired.
Wall profile with 20mm adjustment;
Contemporary frameless design;
Modern minimalist support arm and wall channel included;
6mm British Standard safety glass;
Frameless style panel screen and chrome adjustable support bar.

Product Details



Walk-in Shower Screen Sleek parallel support bar can be installed at any angle;
It is perfect for minimalist-style, Spa-type and contemporary bathrooms of all descriptions since, because it’s transparent, the glass doesn’t detract from the look of any existing furniture or colour schemes.A great option for creating a contemporary look, this walk-in shower features 8mm toughened safety glass for superb strength and durability. The glass panel measures 1950mm in height to catch more splashes.

What's more, a scratch-resistant aluminium profile and parallel support bar are incorporated into the design for extra stability.



Walls and floors shift over time. To deter this, Welleader shower enclosures have glass support brackets with 20 mm of adjustability, ensuring that your shower remains plumb during installation and level for years to come.

Built for strength Supporting bar:

Fixed glamp ensure wall an choring and reinforce wall stability;
Effortless installation with our detailed insturctions, precise dimensions and pre-dilled materials.


These shower screen is made from tempered safety Technology glass, which is both easy to clean and safe in the case of an accident. We say this because in the case of an accident, this tempered glass does not break into large jagged pieces that may cause injury. This glass breaks into small circular ball-like pieces which pose no harm to you. They are also much easier to clean if the glass shatters.

This glass is also easy to clean because all you need to do in order to keep it clean all the time is wipe it down (which takes a matter of seconds) after every use, and then you will have a beautiful glass shower screen always!


  Size Adjustment
1 700 x 1900; 680-700;
2 800 x 1900; 780-800;
3 900 x 1900; 880-900;
5 1000 x 1900; 980-1000;
6 1100 x 1900; 1080-1100;
7 1200 x 1900; 1180-1200;
8 1400 x 1900; 1380-1400;

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