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What kind of glass does the shower door use?

The International Housing Law requires residents to use safety glass in the shower area. So, what exactly is safety glass? What kind of glass is the shower door we installed?

Tempered Glass
Tempered glass belongs to safety glass. Tempered glass is actually a kind of prestressed glass. In order to improve the strength of the glass, chemical or physical methods are usually used to form a compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass is subjected to external forces, it first counteracts the surface stress, thereby improving the bearing capacity. Enhanced durability and safer fragments make tempered glass the best type of shower room glass.

In the manufacturing process, the glass is heated first and then quickly cooled to make tempered glass. This heating and cooling process makes the glass much stronger. In addition, this process changes the characteristics of the glass so that its response to cracking is different. If a piece of tempered glass breaks, it will basically break down into many small pieces, which are not as sharp and dangerous as the annealed glass fragments.
Laminated Glass
Laminated glass is actually two pieces of glass attached to a thin transparent vinyl central layer. It looks like ordinary glass, but if it breaks, the glass piece will remain intact because the broken pieces will stick to the vinyl.

Glass Thickness
Glass shower doors and housings can be made of glass with different thicknesses, depending on whether it is a frameless, semi-frameless or framed shower door. Thinner glass can be used for framed shower doors because the frame adds structural support and protects the weakened edges and corners of tempered glass.

Glass appearance
With a variety of tempered shower glass, homeowners can choose from a variety of appearances and textures. Transparent glass is currently a very popular choice, and alternatives include:
Frosted glass (acid etching)
Embossed glass
Tinted glass
Not only that, frosted glass is also very popular in the bathroom shared by siblings and other high-volume toilets.

Glass protection
Weichen shower glass door adopts the glass processed by ion beam technology in the manufacturing process, has a permanently sealed surface, and does not often form pores with corrosive and unsightly elements. After installing the shower door, consider applying high-end sealants to the glass. Sealant is a common adhesive used to bond glass, with water and oil repellency, thus protecting it from corrosion and pollution.

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