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What are the different types of install pivot shower door?

        Pivot shower door is one of the most common forms of shower doors, and it is almost only used in stand-alone showers. The most common types of pivot shower door are left, right and center revolving doors, and the choice of which one to use depends mainly on the shape of the bathroom and the relationship between the shower room and the object. For example, toilets and cabinets, shower rooms most people use have an optional door that opens outward, away from the shower.
install pivot shower door
         These types of pivot shower doors usually open to the left or right, and are used in vertical corner showers. If you use these types of pivot shower doors, the main consideration is how to place furniture, such as cabinets, toilets and basins. Because its doors save less space than sliding shower doors, but its doors are easier to enter and exit, so you must fully consider the space application when install pivot shower doors.

        The central pivot door can be used for larger spaces and richer styles. The central pivot door has one or more doors that can be opened in the center, which can prevent the door from hitting the furniture or bathroom when it is opened, and it can also pass through The doors provide a certain amount of movement space because they are larger than most shower doors that pivot from the left and right, and can be enlarged whether they open to the left, right, or to the center.

        Some people need to place special orders or buy in specialty stores when they need something to accommodate special needs. There are also those that open the central pivot door from the left or right. For example, the disabled have limited mobility and are easy to open. Most pivot shower doors are made of Plexiglas® or glass and are usually very similar to hinged doors.

        The difference between a pivot shower door and a hinged pivot shower door is the position of the axis. The hinge of the hinged shower door is located on the side of the door, while the pivot shower door is rotated by the rods at the bottom and top of the shower door. One disadvantage of pivot shower doors is that they usually do not open like hinged shower doors. The pivot shower door also has an advantage, that is, there will be no metal hinges exposed to water, otherwise it is easy to rust. But pivot doors are generally cheaper than hinged doors.

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