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What are the advantages and disadvantages of bathtub shower screen?

The bathtub shower screen is one of the common sanitary wares for bathroom decoration. It is often used in small-family home decoration because the shower screen has the function of isolating the bathroom space and can improve the space utilization rate of the bathroom. Due to its space-saving features, sliding shower doors are becoming increasingly popular. The hinged door or pivot door needs a large space before opening the shower to open, while the sliding door does not need to be easy to operate, and can make the shower more smoothly.

Shower screen
Many people want to decorate a separate bathing space in a small area of ​​the bathroom. The shower screen came into being under this demand. It not only makes the bathroom dry and wet separated, but also makes the bathroom more spatially layered, allowing you to better enjoy the bathing process.

The shower screen has two components, the exterior is mainly glass partitioned by glass, the interior is shower and bath equipment, and the bottom is made of waterproof material with good edge sealing to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of the bathroom. The shower screen is improved from the shower room, discarding the bulky and complicated defects of the shower room, giving you a better bathing enjoyment.

bathtub shower screen

Advantages of shower screen
The advantages of the shower screen are very intuitive, in general there are four points:
The shower screen is an independent bathing space. As we all know, an independent bathing space is very important in the family, to avoid water stains in the bathroom after bathing.
The shower screen saves a lot of space. In small-sized families, the advantages can be more reflected. A fully functional shower room can be built in only one corner.
The shower screen is fully functional. Not only there are all kinds of showers, but also temperature displays, which greatly enhance your bathing experience.
Keep warm. Especially in the cold weather in winter, the shower screen can ensure that the heat will not be lost, and the closed independent bathing space makes people more comfortable.

Disadvantages of shower screen
Troublesome maintenance and refurbishment is one of the advantages and disadvantages of the shower screen. Once there is a problem with the water system of the shower screen, the maintenance and refurbishment will be very troublesome. First, the external glass door of the shower screen needs to be disassembled, and then the internal shower system is repaired. Not only is the operation troublesome, but also the repair cost is relatively high. Another disadvantage is that some shower screen components cannot be repaired. Because the components of the shower screen include rubber strips, plastic parts and hardware, etc., if there is a problem in these parts, you can only replace the new components.

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