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The shower panel manufacturer tells you why the bathroom shower doors are not capped?

Anyone who has a shower at home will know that showers on the market are not used to cover the roof. Why do you design this way? If the bathroom shower doors are sealed, will the insulation effect be better?

For the first time, the sea bathing room did not have the time to fully open. The steam generated by the sea bathing simply constitutes the deep and shallow steam bathing time. Under such conditions, the short time of the chest will cause the adverse effects of deep breathing and systemic diseases.

If there is no roof of bathroom shower doors, it is allowed to dissipate slowly instead of completely accumulating steam. Ensure good ventilation, avoid breathing, long-term bathing, hot water and humidity, and ensure hot water and air leakage.

Second, the cap design not only affects the aesthetics, but also increases the total price. The fully sealed design requires an exhaust system to install the fan. However, this will inevitably affect the overall visual effect of the bathroom.

The height of the normal bathhouse is 1.85 meters. No top-level package is required. That way, how do you choose the once-boiled sea bathing? Show 6 easy ways to make quick choices. Initially, the main function of the bathroom was to complete the combination of the bathroom.

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