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Sliding glass shower door VS hinged glass shower door

Sliding glass shower door and hinged glass shower door are the two most popular styles on the market, how do we choose?

Sliding glass shower door VS hinged glass shower door

Sliding glass shower door with sliding glass panel and modern aesthetics:
Seamless look

Sliding glass shower doors provide a bright, open aesthetic for any style of house. The sliding shower door is equipped with a large glass panel and hardware matching your bathroom to provide a beautiful and seamless aesthetic effect.
Functional handle
Similar to the towel bar, the sliding door handle of the shower room can also be used to hang towels, dish cloths and clothes for easy operation.
Effective use of small space
Sliding door glass shower door can be slid and opened instead of swinging, so it is both practical and compact, and is an excellent space-saving choice for small bathrooms.

The hinged glass shower door is widely known for its style, convenience and functionality-the hinged glass shower door is an excellent choice for any home style.
Large opening
Since the hinged shower doors can be opened outward at a 90-degree angle, they provide a safe, wide and open entrance for parents, the elderly and/or people with reduced mobility.
Easy to clean
Unlike sliding doors, hinged shower doors do not require rails to open or close. This type of shower door has no risk of rusting or accumulation and is very easy to clean and maintain.
Aesthetic appeal
The hinged shower door uses a large glass panel to open and close, providing a clean and simple aesthetic for any style of bathroom.

Which shower door is best for your bathroom?

By better understanding the different types of shower doors, you can clearly see that each style was created with very specific solutions in mind. From the size and function of the bathroom to the beautiful design and cleanliness requirements, there are many options for sliding glass shower doors and hinged glass shower doors!
If you still find yourself stuck between these two styles, you need to consider the following important issues:
1. Do you have a smaller bathroom? Consider sliding the shower door.
2. Do you need a bigger shower? Consider hinged shower doors.
3. Are simple cleaning and maintenance requirements important to you? Consider hinged shower doors.
4. Do you want to consult a professional? Contact us Weichen Sanitary Ware!

If you want to learn more about glass shower door options, please let our trained professionals help.

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