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New Product “Slim Frame+Sliding Door” Shower Enclosure

Sliding shower enclosures can maximize space in a small bathroom and offer a classic style with a modern touch. A sliding door enclosure allows people to enjoy a shower that feels open and spacious while simultaneously making the most of a small layout.
The newly developed Welleader WLD003 Slim Frame Sliding Shower Door provides the perfect balance of functionality, elegance and sophistication. Couple this with the complimentary handle design and 2000mm height and you have a product that punches well above its price bracket. Combine with a low profile tray, and you have a beautiful contemporary shower for recess or corner installation.  

A. 1’’ Slim Frame 

The Welleader slim frame sliding shower door has defined the concept of “slim”, with the 1’’ slender frame and door handle designed with clean lines in mind.  

welleader slim frame sliding door(1)

B. Nylon rollers ensure effortless smooth sliding
This new slim frame delivers an esprit and energy to the WLD003 Slim shower door. Still, it retains its favourite features such as a silent running system that prevents crossing and jamming of the sliding parts, or a practical door release mechanism to unlock the door for perfect cleaning of hard-to-reach areas. Residual water does not drip on the floor where it could increase the risk of slipping.

welleader slim frame sliding door(2)

C. Robust high-lustre polished aluminium slim frame
Aircarg aluminum safe and fastness, no distortion. Even surface without impurities, anti-humidity, anti-corrosion. The Arc railway could provide strength to your shower enclosure up to 50kg, and it has a polished finish that adds exquisite style to a particular substance.

welleader slim frame sliding door(3)

D. Elegant linear stainless steel handle for easy opening
An exclusive enclosure deserves only the best dual bar stainless steel handles. Unique bypass interval gap ensures smooth and easy sliding.   

welleader slim frame sliding door(4)

E. Shower Waterproofing Protection

Shower seal strips line the fixed panel of this modern enclosure, ensuring a water-proof shower system.

welleader slim frame sliding door(5)

F. Thick 8mm tempered glass less prone to breakage
The shower door incorporates 8mm toughened safety glass that, if smashed, will not break into large sharp shards. The doors are in a reversible design and can be installed on a wetroom floor without a shower tray, which is safe, stylish and versatile.
G. In sizes from 1000-1700mm, and with a height of 2000mm
The 1000mm-1700mm slider door is 2000mm high, making it a perfect addition to any bathroom or en-suite with a high ceiling.

welleader slim frame sliding door(6)

The new Welleader slim frame sliding shower door proves that less is more. It completes the look with low profile design for a sleek modern look. If you are going to purchase the shower rooms for your project, Welleader’s new product series would be your right choice.  

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