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How to Maintain the Rotary Shaft Shower Screen

If you do not pay attention to maintenance and clean up the bath screen in the bathroom, the glass on the bath screen will turn yellow for a long time, which will especially affect the appearance. If the rotary shaft shower screen is not taken care of in time, the bearing is prone to corrosion and damage. So how do you usually pay attention to maintenance and how to clean the bath screen in a simple way?
rotary shaft shower screen
After showering every time, a lot of water droplets and water vapor will splash on the glass of the bath screen. These water droplets and water vapor must be cleaned up in time every time. If it is not cleaned for a long time, it is likely to become Water stains adhere to the glass and become difficult to clean.

When faced with this situation, we can use a glass scraper to scrape the water droplets off the glass of the bath screen from top to bottom. Of course, in the process of wiping the water droplets, prepare a dry cloth in your hand, and wipe the glass scraper on the dry cloth frequently to prevent the moisture on the glass scraper from being brought back to the glass. After scraping the water droplets on the glass with a glass scraper, wipe the glass clean with a clean rag.

The handle of the shower screen sliding door and the inside of the sliding door slideway should be wiped clean with a rag after each use of the shower screen to avoid frequent retention of moisture that causes the color to lose luster and corrosion.

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