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How to ensure the safety of glass bi-fold shower cubicle

         The important part of the glass bi-fold shower cubicle is glass. The area of ​​glass is large, and the shower area is relatively slippery, so glass safety is more important. Many shower areas use tempered glass, but tempered glass is also divided into full tempered and semi-tempered. Therefore, pay attention to small businesses on the market. In order to reduce costs, some semi-tempered glass is used, and the production process is not up to standard.
glass bi-fold shower cubicle
         If the glass of the shower room has impurities and bubbles, the risk factor is relatively high, so it is useless to attach an explosion-proof film. The thickness of the glass used when installing the shower room needs 6-8mm, and the sound is crisp, so that the glass surface can be observed Vague lines.

         Of course, it is not to say that the thicker the glass, the better. If the thickness is too thick, the weight will be large, and the profile cannot bear the weight. If you want to pursue higher security, it is recommended to use laminated glass in the shower room, of course, the cost in this regard will be relatively high. The shower room is best to stick an explosion-proof film. Although the tempered glass is of good quality, it still has a certain explosion rate. Therefore, for the sake of safety, it is necessary to paste an explosion-proof film.

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