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How to clean water stains on glass of modern hinged bi-folding shower room

      In a society that pursues fashion trends, many families are interested in house decoration, and even the design of a bathroom is decorated with a unique flavor. However, many customers are particularly troubled by the frequent appearance of water droplets on the glass of modern hinged bi-folding shower room, so how can we effectively and conveniently handle the water droplets? Here is a brief description of common solutions.

      First find a water pipe or use a shower to spray on the glass of the modern hinged bi-folding shower room, when the glass surface is full of water drops. But don't wait for the glass to dry before cleaning, otherwise it will not only be very laborious, but the glass will also be easily scratched by the rag and cause marks.
      Then look for the washing powder, spray from the top of the glass, so that the washing powder can fully stick to the glass door, and then wait for about three minutes, when the enzyme in the washing powder reacts, use a rag to wipe the glass from top to bottom. During the wiping process, you will find a lot of bubbles, but don’t worry, just continue to wipe the front and back sides of the glass, otherwise if you only clean one side, the other side will be difficult to see.
modern hinged bi-folding shower room
     Finally, use clean water, use a water pipe or a shower to spray on the glass from top to bottom to rinse all the bubbles. At this time, you will find that the glass will be very clean and transparent. If you feel that the glass is not clean enough, you can add another process at this time, which is to use toilet cleaner or glass cleaner to dilute the tap water, after diluting it, look for a small sweep, and then proceed from top to bottom. Sweep it, and finally rinse it with clean water.

   When you need to clean the dry glass, you can wipe it with a dry cloth. Of course, if you have newspapers at home, it is best to use newspapers for wiping, because newspapers have better water absorption and the fibers of newspapers are arranged closely, so if you wipe them with newspapers, they are the most beautiful and clean.

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