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How much do you know about the base of the fold bathtub shower screen

Everyone knows the advantages of fold bathtub shower screen, that is, it is used to distinguish between wet and dry areas, and the exhaust fan is turned on every time after taking a shower. At that time, the sliding door of the shower room is needed to distinguish the wet and dry areas, but in general, the installed base of the shower door can be better used.

The fold bathtub shower screen basin, in general, the shower room that chooses the bathtub body looks relatively high-end atmosphere, this is because the basin of the shower door has a good seal. It is important to note that before installing the shower room, it is necessary to arrange the holes in advance and embed the holes in order to prevent installation errors.
fold bathtub shower screen
Regarding the selection of fold bathtub shower screen, it also needs to have abrasion resistance and anti-slip effect. After the excellent mold equipment inhibits the formation, it is reinforced through multiple processes and unique epoxy resin paving structure. Shower door basins made of pavement-level equipment.

Generally speaking, the stone-based water-retaining strips used for shower doors are stone raw materials that can be used for partition water. The materials are generally artificial marble and natural marble. The stone base is generally made of natural stone in the water retaining strip, so that it can be used at the bottom of the shower door for water tightness. The stone foundation is relatively simple to install and has a stylish appearance, but the density is slightly inferior to that of the basin.

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