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Connect Half Radius Bath Screen is Very Convenient and Practical

Nowadays, when renovating the bathroom, both the master bedroom and the public area will consider the bathing space. Generally speaking, the bathroom area of ​​an ordinary apartment with three bedrooms and one living room is about 5-7 square meters, while that of a small apartment is about 3-4 square meters. But sometimes the actual situation is not as good as ideal, so the planning of the bathing area is more important.

Therefore, in order to save space, many residents will install bath screens in the bathroom. Bath screens are generally made of toughened glass, reinforced plastics, etc., which are relatively light, strong and durable, and of good quality. The bath screen is more suitable for the bathroom space of 5-7 square meters, and the wall space has certain requirements. It is mainly represented by relying on the wall to make a fixed lattice room, especially those with concave or convex walls in the bathroom ,very suitable. It can organize the bathroom space very well, play a role in separating dry and wet, and has very good air permeability.

Zhongshan WeiChen Sanitary Ware Co.,LTD is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of Shower Room. The connect half radius bath screen from welleader standard is a very practical bath screen, suitable for most families make a purchase.
connect half radius bath screen
This bath screen is made of 6mm transparent safety glass. The bright silver surface outline adds a stylish and modern look to your bathroom. The appearance is further enhanced by hidden fixtures. The freely rotating design also allows consumers to use it flexibly and use it in bathrooms in different locations. These also provide good sanitary conditions that are easy to clean.

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