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Classification of hinge shower door

The glass shower door has a bright, modern aesthetics and minimal space saving function. As we all know, it can completely change the look and feel of the bathroom!  

Different types of shower doors
Since bathrooms come in many different shapes and sizes, it is important to consider how your shower door will function in your space! Although a larger bathroom may not have as many functional limitations, a more compact bathroom space will be more suitable for a compact style that does not affect mobility.

Sliding Shower Door
Sliding glass shower door, also known as bypass door, is one of the most commonly used styles on glass doors. The sliding glass shower door is suitable for combined bathtubs and separate showers that are more than 60 inches wide. Its 2-3 glass panels can slide on the rails to open or close.

Hinged glass shower door
Hinge shower doors are known for their ability to swing out and open. Hinged glass shower doors have pivot hinges or side-mounted hinges and are a common choice for separate showers. Hinged shower doors are usually used in showers with a width of less than 60 inches. They are a beautiful, practical and easy to use option for any style of bathroom.

Round glass shower door
Unlike most other types, round shower doors open inward rather than outward. This inward movement is very suitable for bathrooms with corner showers, because the door uses curved glass, which can greatly increase the elbow space, so this inward movement will not interfere with the shower space.

Double folding shower door
The folding shower door combines the sliding function of the bypass door and the folding movement of the hinged door. With the help of two glass panels connected by a hinge, the user can enter/exit the shower by pulling the handle. Since these doors can be folded and fixed on the rail, the double folding shower door can fold the panels to each other to open.

The new angle shower door is designed to keep your shower door away from any narrow/narrow wall space, which can help the homeowner to use a shower room that is easier to use, thereby obtaining a more spacious bathroom.

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