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  • FA544 Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle
  • FA544 Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle
  • FA544 Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle
  • FA544 Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle
  • FA544 Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle

FA544 Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle


* Premium-quality and elegant shower enclosure with an essential and stunning design.
* The 1900 mm enclosures height allows a comfortable shower experience, even for very tall people.
* The wall aluminium profiles can be adjusted to fit wall unevenness up to 10mm.
* All our shower enclosures are packaged with sturdy materials and and shipped on a pallet to ensure a smooth and safe delivery.
* Chrome-plated brass hinges, stainless steel doors handle, magnetic door strips;
 * CE certified tempered safety glass.

Product Details
Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle
Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle


Frameless Bi-fold Shower Cubicle These beautiful bi-fold shower screen doors are also quite innovative in design, for the have 4 folds, making them easily accessible by everyone, and very beautiful to look at. Unlike other shower doors, this one is entered at the front corner section. This is not only innovative, but it is quite practical because the entrance is bigger that way, and it makes it easy to open up when cleaning your shower!

These beautiful shower doors are one of a kind on the market today, for they are high quality, durable in design, and beautiful in any setting, no matter the size of bathroom. Our philosophy is that you don have to have a large bathroom to have a beautiful bathroom, so we want to outfit your bathroom with the highest quality products available.


Lift up & down pivot system:

Zinc alloy material, keep surface never faded;

Fashion profile design with 20mm adjustment. The system passed 10,000 lift up and down test.

Durable Stainless Steel Hinge

Elegant stainless steel hinge never rusted;
Pass 10,000 open & close test and the 50kg loading test;



Continuous seal strips along the door prevent water leaks;

All rubber strips are made of new environmental protection PVC materials;

  Size Adjustment
1 800 x 800 x 1900 770-790
2 900 x 900 x 1900 870-890
3 1000 x 1000 x 1900 970-990

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